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Find out how far the horizon is with this smart and stylish Town Clock!
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24 January 2008

Town Clock screensaver 2.4 review

Town Clock screensaver is not just a simple screensaver displaying time clock, but a journey that will take you to the world of relaxation.
Now your break hours would be more relaxing and adventurous; this amazing screensaver has set a beautiful journey for you. Bringing still life to motion in the background of this screensaver you will find mountain loaded with snowcaps and white clouds dancing on its peaks. At the bottom of the scene you find the busy city spread far to the horizon. Bringing motion to this scenery, you are drifted in the air with the view of each building and street. Not forgetting your clock is right in front of this eye-candy scene. You also find a balloon hovering above the city with coming close and away motion that discards your stress drastically, provides relaxation and revitalizes your mind with energy.
The most favorite feature of Town Clock screensaver is; its absolutely free cost and its compatibility with Windows 9x/NT/Me/2000/XP/Vista.

Publisher's description

Have you ever wished to set out on a journey during a lunch-break? Now you finally have such an amazing opportunity! It is far more than just a plain screensaver; it is a real still life in motion. Far away, in the background, there is a picturesque mountain with snowcaps and white clouds on its peaks. At the bottom of the mountain, there is a big busy city spread far to the horizon. And here comes all the beauty: this magnificent scenery is set into motion! You feel like you are flying above the city, high enough to see each building and street. The stylish clock is at the front of this eye-pleasing landscape. There's also an ingenious feature: a balloon hovering above the city, moving away or coming closer and at this particular time flying through the clock-face.
The concept of a perspective moving away is a psychologically approved way to beat up stress or get yourself distracted from the daily stuff. It delivers you deep relaxation and revives your mind with energy. Never have screensavers been so calming!
Town Clock could be installed on every computer due to its very modest system requirements: Windows 9x/NT/Me/2000/XP/Vista and a 300 MHz processor. The installation is very simple and requires little time. You'll also lose no time configuring the program as it fully adapts to the settings of your computer. Don't bereave yourself of such a pleasure, install Town Clock now!

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